The Saga of the Patriarchs Series

An ancient Evil. A new Faith. Can one family lead mankind out of Darkness into Light?

Although the Flood remains a vivid memory, and the Tower of Babel lies in visible ruins—man continues to rebel against God. Savage wars, brutal slavery, and pagan idols rule life in ancient Sumer. Still, a faithful remnant have not bowed the knee to Nanna, the dread moon god.

Long Road Out of Ur introduces us to Abraham, Sarah and Lot before they were famous. As the eldest son of the next Patriarch, Lot expected a life of comfort while his father, Haran, commander of the mighty Horse Warriors, expected him to follow in his footsteps. But nobody expected God to make young Abram leader of the family, and somebody isn’t happy. A troublesome priest is murdered; the royal tomb gets robbed and Lot is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Everyone thinks he knows where the loot is hidden and someone wants it all–even if it’s over Lot’s dead body.

Will the temptations of wealth, power and compromise corrupt? Or will faith triumph?

If you liked Ben-Hur or The Robe, you’re sure to love Long Road Out of Ur. If you enjoy humor and adventure, mystery and engaging characters, this first book in an exciting new series is sure to delight adults and teens alike.

Where Your Treasure Lies, continues the series with the calling of Abraham and Sarah into the Promised Land through the eyes of Lot, one of the most misunderstood heroes of the Bible.  Everyone knows that Noah was the righteous man that God rescued from the Flood. And serious Bible students remember that God sent ravens to feed Elijah during a lengthy drought. But Lot? The guy who barely escaped the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah with his daughters? Why was he rescued by God? Was it just because his Uncle Abraham pleaded with God for him? Or is there more to the story?

When Lot’s father dies in the land of Ur, he loses everything to Abraham, whom God chose in his place. Despite this, Lot follows Abraham into the Promised Land trusting that God will provide, only to find that the Land of Canaan isn’t the Garden of Eden.

Will God’s chosen people bow to the mighty kings of Sumer, Canaan and Egypt? Will jealousy and bitterness destroy their family? Or will faith and love triumph?

The eagerly anticipated sequel to Long Road Out of Ur, is here. If you enjoy humor and adventure, surprises and engaging characters, this continuation of The Saga of the Patriarchs is sure to delight adults and teens alike.

Praise for The Saga of the Patriarchs:

“After reading Long Road Out of Ur, I get the distinct impression that Odysseus and Lot would have had a great time swapping stories around the campfire—and not without a little embellishment!”

—Fiction Aficionado ★★★★

“Long Road Out of Ur reminds me of stories by Neil Gaiman and Mark Twain.”
—Reader’s Favorite ★★★★

“…create(s) a vivid world with his use of words, transports you back in time, hanging onto every word of a witty, dramatic and unreliable narrator…”
—Brenda Davies, reviewer ★★★★★

“Once you set out with Lot, you can’t help but want to follow him to whatever end he is leading, frustrated and cringing at his mistakes and equally stunned with him as he encounters twists and turns along the way.”

—Brett Armstrong, reviewer ★★★★½

“The writing is excellent, and bring(s) a 21st humor to the ancient times.”
—Nancy Noble, reviewer ★★★★

Buy Long Road Out of Ur here and Where Your Treasure Lies here.

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