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Book of the Year?

My biblical fiction, Long Road Out of Ur, has been nominated for Book of the Year by the Interviews and Reviews website.  They are encouraging fans and readers to vote through December 30th. If you’re interested, the website link is:  https://www.interviewsandreviews.com/topbooksof2017.html . You can vote without registering or giving any personal information.  I appreciate all the encouragement … Continue reading Book of the Year?

Hero or Con Man?

Book Review of Schindler’s List I have visited the Holocaust museums in Oslo, Washington, DC and Amsterdam. The enormity of the horror is so overwhelming that a normal person simply can’t process it all. Trying to take it all in is like trying to empty the Atlantic Ocean with a teaspoon. The genius of Schindler’s List … Continue reading Hero or Con Man?

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