Why should you follow “Fiction for Dudes.  Ladies Welcome…”?

  1. Male perspective. The vast majority of book bloggers are female.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but women often have different tastes and preferences than men. Anyone who disagrees with that hasn’t spent a couple hours trying to pick a movie with their significant other. When looking for reviewers for my novel, I found that less than 5% of the hundreds of blogs I researched had reviewed even ONE book similar to mine.
  2. Spoiler-free reviews. How many times have you read a review on Goodreads or Amazon or IMDB which gave away critical info which ruined the book or movie? Unfortunately many reviewers on those sites and others fail to warn readers of spoilers in their titles.
  3. Customized recommendations. If you loved “Psych” or “Monk” I would recommend “Fawlty Towers,” “Only Fools and Horses,” or “New Tricks”.  I’ll be posting a genre-specific table soon.
  4. Ideas matter. I pick the books and films that make us think.
  5. Good laughs. I find true belly shakers.
  6. Hidden gems. I’ve read and watched thousands of stories and will recommend lesser-known classics.
  7. Save money and time. I’ll tell you why you might not like some books and films which are highly-rated on other sites.

What genres do I cover?  Just about everything except:  erotica, LGBQT, vampires, werewolves, horror, paranormal and dystopian.

Please don’t think that I don’t value women bloggers or authors.  I actually follow several who help me improve my own writing.  Think of my blog as an alternative cuisine.  I love to cook and my two favorite dishes are enchiladas and steak, but I would get tired of them if that’s all I ever ate.  Hopefully my blog can balance your reading and watching diet and make it a little more interesting.

I don’t claim to speak for all (or even most) men and I hope women will feel welcome here, too. After all, if we can’t all get along on the internet, what hope is there for mankind humankind?  ; )


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